Boynes Emerging Artist Award

Melbourne, Australia

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Boynes Emerging Artist Award

This award is about giving talented emerging artists around the world a platform to launch and/or grow their career. For us to help you do that we need your best, we simply require that you submit what you consider your best work to be, the work that is really the greatest representation of your portfolio. We look forward to your participation in this art award and the growth of this art community

We have finally announced the 1st , 2nd and 3rd winners!!
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Top 20 Finalists for the 1st Edition of the Boynes Emerging Artist Award are Here!
The 2nd Edition will be opening for submissions on March 1st, 2020!
       1st Edition Winners




1st Place Winner- Tanya Atanasova

Title - Lou

Medium - Oil on Belgian Linen

Year - 2018

Size - 47.2 x 31.5 in

Tanya Atanasova.jpg

2nd Place Winner - Leigh Bongiorno

Title - Love 

Medium - Oil on Canvas

Year - 2018

Size - 48 x 48in

Leigh Bongiorno.jpg

3rd Place Winner - Leroy Skalstad

Title - Rodney

Medium - Photography

Year - 2017

Leroy Skalstad.jpg

                         Top 20 Finalist Artists

These are the top 20 most talented artists who showed their skills and talents in hugely creative ways. They are each so gifted and skilled and we honour them and their dedication to their art.


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